Friday, May 30, 2008

Garden Update

Dear Friends,

This posting is intended to update you on the status of the garden.

So much done, yet, so much to do. Much was done this past Saturday but I have many plants in my driveway. The cool weather has helped me keep them alive but we do need to get them in the ground.
I have asked YCC to help with weeding. YCC has offered to edge the beds.
I would hope that one of us could be available to direct them in the weeding and/or edging.

The following gives you an update of what has been done and what needs to be done:

• Large pots have all been moved. YCC will fill the remaining pots on 05/29/08.
• The damaged west trellis needs to be repaired.
• The city will mow the garden lawn as it fits in their schedule.
• All raised beds are ready for planting.
• The center bed that will be the Waukegan bed has been weeded. Bed #2 has been weeded, compost added and plants that we have were planted. All other beds including the Giving Garden bed have major weeding issues.
• Madeleine is working on laying the flagstone for the path through the herb garden.
• Forever Construction was notified that they could begin the construction of the gazebo.
• The signs for the labyrinth and the Buddha have been installed.

The following is a list of tasks to be completed:
• Remove wire in tool shed.
• Remove 5-gallon bucket of paint.
• Cross braces for raised vegetable beds.
• Add compost to beds – except for native, and 2.
• Plant annuals
• Plant perennials.
• Sow seed for ornamentals, vegetables.
• Plant vegetables.
• Weeding
• Mulch beds with composted bark, order mulch.
• Edge beds
• Install aqua cones in veg beds
• Plant calla lilies
• Bulb removal if necessary
• Evaluate existing benches
• Remove leaf mulch on perennial bed where it is thick
• Ongoing work is weed control, edging the beds, staking, insect and disease control, etc.

I will bring all plants that are appropriate for planting this Saturday. Perhaps we will be able to work on beds 4, 13 and 14. I am still promised plants from the following:

• Jamaican Gardens – vegetables
• Wadsworth Feed – Victorian bed
• Waukegan Park District - annuals

With best regards,


Tuesday, May 20, 2008



Needs You!

Saturday, May 24, 2008
10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Demonstration Garden (25 S. Genesee St.)
THINK GREEN! This is the second year of our Demonstration Garden and with the beginning of the spring season it needs your help. We are hosting ‘Earth Day Every Day’ intended to foster awareness of and appreciaton for our environment and all its wonders. We need your helping hands to complete the many tasks remaining to make this garden come alive again. Join us in a journey of discovery and friendship as we work together.

Our To Do List
Creating a 3rd raised vegetable bed
Applying compost and soil

What To Bring
Helping hands
Donations of bottled water for volunteers
Community spirit
Plants for our Giving Garden

Monies made from our plant sale will benefit the Demonstration Garden.

Contact Nada Finn (847) 917-8310 or the TOWN Office (847) 599-1531, if you have any questions.