Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Meeting Agenda for 5/13




TOWN Board

Expand TOWN Board

A letter recruiting new members
will be sent next week.


How would we like to schedule the
meetings for the rest of the year?

Meetings will be scheduled for
the second Wednesday of the month.

WOW (Working on Waukegan)

The city is working to raise the
environmental awareness of its citizens by creating a group that would organize
projects for volunteers to work on. The first event is this Saturday from
9-12. Please forward the email I sent you to anyone that may be interested in
‘working on Waukegan’.


Do we have enough soil, compost
and wood chips to get us through the end of May?

I ordered 5 cu yds of compost and container mix. I purchased a garden
cart, 6 buckets, 1 75 foot garden hose, 3 75foot soaker hoses, 2 60 foot
soaker hoses and a hose ? Router to connect the
soaker hoses to the regular hose.

New raised bed and flower bed

Julie Dodds
has taken the offer to work to create one of the new raised beds and work on
an existing flowerbed.

Julie will guide volunteers to
the creation of the raised beds. She will also work on one of the flowerbeds.

GTW Events

Earth Day, Music and Art
Festival, Closing Event, Educational Event

It rained on Earth Day. Other
events will be scheduled during the summer. We will work with Larry to
schedule a music Event in August or September.


Update website to reflect the
changes we have taken. Funders will be looking at
an out of date website.

I will provide website changes by


Music and Art festival will be a fundraiser.
A letter to local business has been drafted but not finalized. This letter
will be sent out the week after next.. Please keep a
running list of possible businesses that we can approach. I would like to
have someone available to help me create the labels and stuff envelopes.



I will begin the search for free
plants in April and May. Please let me know what we would need.

I have sent letters to Jamaican Gardens,
Gurnee Garden Center,
Larsen’s Florist, and Midwest Groundcovers. I will try to call each of these
before the weekend. I will pick up flowers from Chicago Botanic Gardens on 05/18/09.


Dan Traynoff
has a greenhouse and has offered to start our seeds.

Dan has picked up the seeds and
will begin to grow them in his greenhouse so that we will have small plants
to plant in May. I purchased strawberry plants to plant this weekend. I also
have herbs for planning.


Please provide me with a list of
possible trees we could use.

Margaret Martin provided us with a
list of trees that we should look at. If anyone would like to take the role
of calling for trees should contact me. I will contact The Care of Trees came
out the end of last week. The will either provide us with free tree or
provide them to us for a discount.


Radio shows

DK Environmental and EarthWild
did a pod cast
show last Wednesday. Cheryl Pytlarz and other
members of the group would like to run a 10 series program on issues such as how
to identify where to put your garden, how to start seeds, which seeds should
be direct seeded, canning and so many more.


We are working with The Academy
of Our Lady school after school club will help at the garden the last Thursday
of the month.




Please review the 2009 budget and
provide me with any changes that should be made.

Parking Lot: Com Ed and the use
of the land under the power lines for growing food or grains. Ravines, and locally grown food.