Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Green Town Waukegan Meeting Minutes – June 10, 2009
Attendees: Fred Bairstow, Bridgette Small, Madeleine Fuqua, Larry Sell, Nada Nikolich Finn


TOWN Board
Expand TOWN Board
Responses are coming back.

Next meeting.
July 8th.

WOW (Working on Waukegan)
Another meeting or event has not been scheduled

Soil, compost, mulch
We will be able to prepay for supplies and have them hold the supplies until next year. I ordered 5 cuyd of leaf mulch to be delivered 06/05/09. I ordered 5 cuyds of container mix with compost 50/50 mix. We need to discuss tools that we may need. I purchased two of the weed tool that Julie brought.

Raised beds and flower beds
Three new raised beds were assembled filled and planted Materials for two more raised beds have been purchased and put together by Larry. These beds will be for tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers. Beds will be completed for completion next Saturday. I have asked the Township office if they could send us four people on Saturday.

GTW Events
Earth Day, Music and Art Festival, Closing Event, Educational Event. Music and Art festival will be a fundraiser.
Other events will be scheduled. A fundraising event with Michael Kelsey will be on August 9th.

Update website to reflect the changes we have taken. Funders will be looking at an out of date website.
I will provide website changes by June 25. I would appreciate each of you to provide me with website changes that you would like made. After I have provided my changes, please review them and let me know if the changes have made our website better.

A letter to local business has been drafted but not finalized. This letter will be sent out by June 15. Please provide me with names of businesses that you feel should be added to our list.

I picked up the plants from Midwest Groundcovers. Please see the table below. I will ask Wadsworth Feed for plants next week. I will provide zucchini plants and cucumber plants for planting this Saturday. Someone has the sunflower seeds that I ordered. We will plant these this weekend. I will purchase pumpkin plants.

Dan Traynoff has a greenhouse and has offered to start our seeds.
Dan will bring flats of plants for planting this Saturday. We still have calla lilies that need to be planted.

Please provide me with a list of possible trees we could use.
I am working with Care of Trees regarding free or reduced rate trees.

We will not purchase statues this year..

Radio shows
We will discuss possible radio shows at our next meeting.

We are working with The Academy of Our Lady school after school club. They have helped at the garden twice this spring. The First Baptist Church will host a four-week ‘Summer Experience’, which will include time at the garden. I have asked Julie Dodds if she would like to partner with them. I have helped Andrew Cooke Magnet School with finding a company that would repair their greenhouse.

I will pick up the sign from Signs Now regarding a sign indicating the time of workdays.

Grant money needs to be spent by June 30, 2009.

Parking Lot: Com Ed and the use of the land under the power lines for growing food or grains. Ravines, and locally grown food.